Dr. Kyle Monahan

Boreal psychiatry is a private practice psychiatry clinic based in Vermont, offering individualized mental health care for Vermonters in need. 

About me:

I graduated with my Medical Degree from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle through the Alaska WWAMI program. I then completed my Psychiatry Residency training at the University of Vermont. I have a broad background in adult psychiatry and enjoy collaborating with patients to help them achieve their best mental health. 

Appointments are offered via telemedicine, with in-person appointments on an as needed basis.

I currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, MVP, Medicare and Medicaid, as well as private pay via credit card. 

Contact & Appointments

Current patient booking: https://borealpsychiaty.intakeq.com/portal

Waitlist is currently closed due to demand.

Phone: (802) 636-4545

Email: DrMonahan@BorealPsychiatry.com

What is a Boreal Forest?

A Boreal Forest is a Northern bioregion primarily comprised of coniferous trees. It is also known as the Taiga, or sub-tundra bioregion. There is a small amount of Boreal forest in Northeast Vermont and the forest extends through Canada, Alaska, Northern Asia and Europe. With cold weathers and short growing seasons the plants and animals that inhabit the Boreal Forest have to be tenacious. Spending time in nature is good for the mind and body and I encourage all to get to know their local forest. 

For more information visit wikipedia